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‘wild’ HOPE: God meets each child where they are…

8/28/2015 in Category

Last week I took a group of High Schoolers swimming at the Smith River. It was 7 kids and a youth leader out on an adventure.

I’ve been busy lately planning trips, coordinating leaders... More

32% above the national average

8/20/2015 in Category

Do you realize our local rate of teen suicide is 32% above the national average?

Just last week two young men took their lives. Many times it hits close to home for us at YFC. Often we... More

life is uncertain

8/13/2015 in Category

Madeline is transitioning from the comforts of middle school into high school.

This 14-year-old girl struggles with change and is trying to find her own place in life. She comes from a... More

Left abandoned she cuts… she pulls her hair out… she starves herself.

8/6/2015 in Category

One girl stood out from the group of kids we took to YFC Camp this summer.

She was what most would consider troubled. In and out of counseling offices since her mother left her for the... More