Archives: May 2015

Reaching Hearts

5/29/2015 in Category

Everyday we hope to see changed hearts in the lives of the young people when in fact, God reaches the hearts of everyone… including us adults.

Several years ago when I first started... More

Friends make things okay

5/22/2015 in Category

Remember a time when you needed a friend?

Everyone needs someone to share the ups and downs of daily life. To laugh when you’re laughing and to cry when you’re crying. Having a friend... More

Hearing nothing about Jesus before Campus Life

5/15/2015 in Category

Hearing nothing about Jesus before coming to Campus Life.

I saw Doug walking towards me at Club. He had a smile on his face and he looked happier than ever before. I had to ask him how... More

With a side of giggles!

5/8/2015 in Category

Sometimes it feels like a lot of work and craziness... With a side of giggles!

As I helped buckle the kids into their car seats the two 3-year-old girls in the back were chatting...... More

Watching A.D. with my wife…

5/1/2015 in Category

It’s Sunday evening and I’m sitting on the couch with my wife watching the television series A.D.

Watch the A.D. The Bible Continues - Faith Video (Promo)

After they portrayed a... More