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The question for Friday Night with wild Middle Schoolers

3/27/2015 in Category

It’s Friday Night at the end of another wild Middle School Club and I ask...

“Who wants to pray for us?” With an enthusiastic outstretched hand, an 8th grade boy volunteered. This boy... More

like Jesus

3/20/2015 in Category

Do you know the definition of hope?

hope | hōp |

1.     A feeling or a chance that something good will happen or could be true.
2.     That someone or something may be able to... More

God can use children.

3/12/2015 in Category

Emile lost his mother to cancer recently in my daughters’ kindergarten class.

Lilli’s teacher called me to share what she witnessed. She told me Emile had come to class but was... More

oh no what happened now… I said, “Yes?”

3/6/2015 in Category

I was still holding my breath when the surprise came...

Recently I was sought out by a school bus driver and asked if I was the one who ran the Campus Life youth center in Gold Hill.... More