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when hatred turned to forgiveness

1/30/2015 in Category

“I had no room for love. I was full of hate.”

A young man in Walking Tall, a new mentoring initiative at Rogue Valley Youth for Christ, shares how in third grade he was removed from... More

Time is an amazing gift.

1/22/2015 in Category

I recognized him at church from the YFC Mentors HATS Club when he was 14-years-old…

Now John is in his 30’s. He had only been in the program for a short time before he moved away. We... More

once again they raised their ugly heads

1/16/2015 in Category

FEAR, GUILT & SHAME: once again they raised their ugly heads.

Yesterday I visited kids in the Oak Creek Youth Correctional Facility near Albany, Oregon; a place populated by girls and... More

amazing to know

1/9/2015 in Category

Aaron was in elementary school when he and his brother moved here after being adopted from Eastern Europe.

Unable to speak English and carrying with them the trauma and memories of... More

pray for the youth

1/2/2015 in Category

In our weekly staff meetings we pray for the youth in our community.

I'm always shocked by what kids are living through. One director prays for "Autumn, she's homeless after her dad... More