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Like an episode from Law & Order SVU

6/27/2014 in Category

We know too many kids in our community whose life story could fill a book sounding more like fiction than fact.

Deep change in lives like these comes slow and hard but it can come.... More

Too Much To Care

6/20/2014 in Category

One day it will hurt too much for him to care.

"Clem, do you have a mentor for me?" Each time Robert would ask this question my heart broke. And I would have to respond once again,... More

Crazy… Wild… And Fun Tony!

6/13/2014 in Category

I have known Tony for 3 years. Crazy, wild, funny Tony!

He regularly gets detention at school for his shenanigans and has spent the first 2 years at the Youth Center always disrupting... More

New Logo

6/6/2014 in Category

Have you noticed our new logo?

You might be wondering what three interlocking circles have to do with YFC; how do they symbolize the mission with kids?  Well believe it or not it all... More