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MyStory: David’s Transformation

5/30/2014 in Category

David's a normal middle school kid...

He's high energy, center of attention and never staying focused on anything for very long. He comes from a decent family that cares a lot about... More

I’ve never prayed before

5/23/2014 in Category

Do you remember the first time you prayed?

I witnessed last week a young man’s first prayer. James came into the youth center for the first time invited by a friend. He played some... More

MyStory: to much guilt to carry

5/16/2014 in Category

It all started with a text on my phone.

The text read: “Please pray for my brother. He is in the hospital because he was trying to hang himself.” My heart sank. I see these boys every... More

slow and steady

5/9/2014 in Category

One of the mentors in the Parent Life (Teen Mom) program gave me this recent update:

"Over the past year I've built a slow and steady friendship with my girl which has evolved with... More

set the captives free

5/2/2014 in Category

As he was handed the microphone, he smiled and said, “I have to stand up for this.” We all laughed. He waited for the gym to get quiet before he continued.

“I want to thank the Point... More