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Reaching The Neighborhood

4/25/2014 in Category

I have found through the process of building City Life ministry, God is working on me as He reaches this neighborhood.

Part of my preparation for the City Life Grand Opening BBQ was to... More

the waiting game

4/18/2014 in Category

"Do you have a mentor?"

I met Robert, when he was in the 2nd grade. He's a great kid, polite, caring, outgoing and likes to help. He comes from a hard situation. His single mom has MS... More

bank robbers

4/11/2014 in Category

‘Juveniles Lodged for Breaking into Bank’

February 9, 2014 headline: JUVENILES LODGED FOR BREAKING INTO BANK. Headlines like this in Jackson County catch my attention because there is... More

MyStory: making an impact

4/4/2014 in Category

making an impact

Sitting in the Youth Center dining room during a spring break afternoon, I had the chance to watch a couple of our middle school boys interact with a newer volunteer.... More