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Couch Surfing With Her Baby

12/27/2013 in Category

I met her when she was couch surfing with her baby, staying at 8 places in 7 months.

When I met Emily she had a lacked self-esteem and direction. Being the oldest of 6 girls growing... More

You’re Not Alone

12/20/2013 in Category

Dusty (City Life Director) and I were visiting a local high school to follow up with students who had attended one of our Point Break Workshops in October.

I met with Jodi first. She... More

heartbreakingly (if that’s a word) excited

12/13/2013 in Category

The last six months have been a huge transition for me. Starting City Life means building a lot of relationships, but mostly with community leaders and adults, not so much with kids.


“Lord, what have you gotten me into?”

12/6/2013 in Category

I was taking a seat at church when a young lady turned around and said,“Hi Clem!”


To my surprise it was Caroline. Quickly the first impression of Caroline flooded back to me... she... More

Your Support is Appreciated… (and Necessary)

12/4/2013 in Category

Your support is important (life changing) to thousands of boys and girls each year.

And, the number of kids we reach has grown. Earlier this year we introduced two new youth... More