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11/29/2013 in Category

Dominos. There are various ways to play with dominos but one of the most amazing is to watch someone stand them on end one after another, thousands of dominos in a mosaic of black and... More

Midwest Tornado Hits Peoria YFC

11/22/2013 in Category

Devastating tornados ripped through Central Illinois last weekend. If you haven't seen the damage, here’s a link: Hundreds of homes have been completely destroyed.... More

a small quiet noise

11/22/2013 in Category

It was cold, rainy and unusually dark because of the recent time change. As I rushed to get inside the Campus Life Youth Center to cook dinner, I heard something…

I squinted into the... More

Kids deal with relational poverty…

11/19/2013 in Category

Many kids these days are dealing with relational poverty... with no healthy adult role models.

Kids are left feeling abandoned and hopeless. At Rogue Valley Youth for Christ, we strive... More

from the hard lines, piercings and tattoos

11/15/2013 in Category

A smiling face peeks out from a group of kids in a picture of HATS Mentoring camp.

Today, three years later that face is hardly recognizable from the hard lines, piercings and tattoos.... More