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Maggy’s life is complicated.

10/25/2013 in Category

Maggy's life is complicated. She had started coming to Youth for Christ's Teen Mom meetings several months ago with a beautiful little girl pregnant with her second child.

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10/18/2013 in Category

Tears filled my eyes as I read through the student surveys from our last Point Break Workshop. And this one in particular got my attention:

The student had circled several things on... More

Medford’s dirty ghetto

10/11/2013 in Category

At first glance when driving through the Liberty Park Neighborhood and seeing all the broken cars and run down apartments, it’s easy to brush it all off just as Medford’s dirty ghetto.


a boy’s hopeless future

10/4/2013 in Category

Arthur came into my office with his mom. She had been referred to HATS Mentoring months ago but didin't have the time to come in. Now she sounded defeated... hopeless and completely... More