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9/27/2013 in Category

At the age of 73, ‘Anne’, a little nervous, a little unsure, stepped up and answered; ‘here I am Lord, send me’.  Her application took some time but finally the day came and she sat in my... More

I cannot do everything!

9/20/2013 in Category

Being 34 weeks pregnant as a Campus Life Director, I’m faced with a beautiful realization: I cannot do everything on my own.

I can try and sometimes I think I’m invincible but I’ve... More

adventure club 15 years ago

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Last year we had 192 adults working with 1,628 kids. We saw 229 kids become followers of Jesus and 256 kids connect at local churches.

As great as those numbers are, they don’t tell... More

head down, reluctant…

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Sara walked into the Youth Center nine months ago… head down, reluctant and shy. She was dealing with a lot of pain and it wasn't easy for her.

Her parents are divorced. Her mom drinks... More