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‘Knee 2 Knee Eye 2 Eye’

8/30/2013 in Category

"My mom told me that I am the reason she does drugs.” After hearing Chris, a 14 year old young man, tell me this, my heart sank and I felt anger and sadness welling up inside me.

He... More

Magdalene Home Reunion

8/23/2013 in Category

One young mom was placed in the home 9 years ago as a result of getting into trouble; it turned out to be a safe place for her to be while she was pregnant and getting through such a... More

she’s cutting herself… again.

8/16/2013 in Category

I met Wendy for the first time a few weeks ago. She is 16 and has started to cut on herself again.

She was very ‘matter of fact’ as she shared her story. “My mom died when I was 9. My... More

homeless youth

8/9/2013 in Category

John is usually a very positive kid and loves to play basketball.

He walked up to me with his head down and basketball at his side. I could tell something was wrong because he didn't... More

a kid’s prayer

8/2/2013 in Category

I received an email from a mom whose son had been on the waiting list for a mentor close to one year.

She shared with us the joy of her son and his new mentor:

…the bond Max feels... More