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My mom busted me!

6/28/2013 in Category

Campus Life helped me with a tremendous problem...

Basically, I started hanging out with the wrong crowd and smoking pot. But one day Rob Milton, the director of Campus Life, pulled me... More

Graduating Teen Mom

6/21/2013 in Category

Graduating from high school is hard enough, even when you have parents behind you... helping you... pushing you through to the finish.

What if there was nobody, no loving parent in... More

kicked-out and ready to jump

6/14/2013 in Category

He sat with his cowboy hat pulled down just far enough that I couldn’t see his eyes. He stared at the floor and spoke softly. “I didn’t’ have anywhere to go. I stood on the bridge; took my... More

tacos and a movie

6/7/2013 in Category

I asked Jimmy and Ronnie to help us out at the recent golf tournament fundraiser. Afterwords I invited them back to our house for tacos and a movie.

For some reason kids love to come... More