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you know this feeling

4/26/2013 in Category

The pain was so bad I thought it would never end. It felt like a knife in my chest. If you have ever had someone you love... reject you... you know this feeling.

Ryan had just broken... More

I canceled dinner with my boyfriend’s…

4/19/2013 in Category

“I canceled dinner with my boyfriends family tonight...he just needs to understand how important Thursday nights are to me, it’s the one time a week I can relax and let all of my stress... More

“All aboard; seat belts on.”

4/12/2013 in Category

"All aboard; seat belts on." This is now part of my Wednesday night routine.

On my way to AWANA's children's ministry at my church, I pick up four beautiful kids. Zac and MacKenzie... More

caught off guard

4/5/2013 in Category

The other day Chad and Mike came in tired and hot after playing basketball at the youth center. After chugging some water, Chad said “You should baptize me!” (that’s how they ask for... More