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running laps around the youth center

2/22/2013 in Category

I could tell this circle of eighth grade boys would rather be running laps around the Youth Center than sitting in a group talking.

In fact, an hour earlier one of them bounced up to... More

behind the store-fronts, shops and restaurants of our city streets

2/15/2013 in Category

A boy is sitting in the juvenile detention center. His dad is in jail and his mom is an alcoholic and uses drugs.

This is by far the most common family situation for kids who get sent... More

‘Man Over Board’

2/8/2013 in Category

I recently visited a Point Break Workshop in Klamath County. We had just finished playing 'Man Over Board' and I grabbed Craig, a 7th grade boy, as my partner for the next activity called... More

Too consumed to care

2/1/2013 in Category

During Club last night I asked a few kids to share a little of what’s been going on at home and here's how they responded...

With sadness in his eyes, David explained his parents have... More