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I’ll Do What I Want

1/25/2013 in Category

After dinner we gathered in a circle and students and mentors began to introduce each other. It was Bella's turn, she smiled and said with confidence “This is Karen…

She’s my mentor... More

selfish, foolish, dead-end existence

1/17/2013 in Category

Alex sat down. “Can you find a pen pal for me?”

This was the start to my first real conversation with Alex a 17 year old at Rogue Valley Youth Correctional Facility. As he opened up I... More

sometimes… you just don’t fit in

1/10/2013 in Category

High school is a lonely place for some kids. Peers are harsh and sometimes you just don’t fit.

Then when the bell finally rings at 3:45, you walk the cold mile home to a place that... More

kids who get sent to jail!

1/4/2013 in Category

Right now there is a boy sitting in the juvenile detention center. His dad is in jail and his mom is an alcoholic and uses drugs.

This is by far the most common family situation... More