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surviving prison

11/30/2012 in Category

They're boys as young as 12 and as old as 20. They come from all around the state but now they spend their days in a youth correctional facility.

Their hours are filled with school,... More

A young girl’s precious life

11/15/2012 in Category

Dusty Ratcliff shared a story and prayed for the meal we were about to eat. Cari and I were in line for our chili.

Cari turned to me and said she wanted to thank him because... "Dusty... More

Anthony’s future

11/9/2012 in Category

Anthony comes from a split home and lives with his mother. She works long hours to support them both.

Most of the time he's left on his own. He's basically a good kid who hasn't... More

a critical step forward

11/2/2012 in Category

Trevor comes from a broken home … struggles with teenager issues … and has his share of personal disappointments.

What makes him stand out is this: Trevor hasn’t allowed his... More