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Think you have what it takes?

9/28/2012 in Category

I like to fix things; to figure out how things are supposed to work and make them work correctly if I can. This worked great when my nail gun kept jamming but it works lousy when it comes... More

her mom is now back in rehab

9/21/2012 in Category

I've known a girl for a few years now. She doesn't make it to the Youth Center regularly… But it's not because she doesn't want to, it's because her family life is dysfunctional and... More

A hope that lasts forever.

9/14/2012 in Category

Telling the story is the best way to communicate how your financial gifts have changed the life of a kid forever...
But numbers can tell us the impact you're making on... More

All by Herself

9/7/2012 in Category

Lisa was taken away from her parents when she was very young because of their drug use.

She's bounced around in the foster-care system for years. Today, she lives with a large foster... More