Archives: August 2012

Is God Real… Who’s Jesus?

8/31/2012 in Category

Is God Real... Who's Jesus? Luke has been wrestling with these questions for a long time.
He's been coming to Campus Life for several years and has told me of his faith on many... More

“I changed my mind!”

8/24/2012 in Category

When I answered the call I heard “I changed my mind!” and it caught me off guard. I didn’t know what to say, all that came out was "Are you sure?"
In an instant so many things... More

Day in - Day out

8/17/2012 in Category

As I was thinking about students who's lives have been changed over the last year, it dawned on me how much my life has also changed.
Each and every student has had a lasting... More

a kid’s choice between mom or dad

8/10/2012 in Category

John’s life is in complete chaos. This kid is deciding between staying with his mom or moving in with his dad.
At his mom's house there are 7 kids from a few... More

behind the clever mask of self-assurance

8/7/2012 in Category

I met a young man who seemed to have everything together. As we talked, I began to see more of who he really was on the inside. 
The hurt was hiding behind the... More