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God can change you too

7/27/2012 in Category

"A Life Changing"... This is the central theme of our weekly e-mail letters. We share real  stories of kids lives being changed through Youth for Christ... kids lives that often make... More

Leaving an incredible mark on our community

7/20/2012 in Category

Last month's Middle School Camp was a beautiful experience with endless stories of God’s love and mercy being shown to the kids.

North Medford Campus Life took 17 middle schoolers, 4... More

“I lost my dad to suicide…

7/13/2012 in Category

"I lost my dad to suicide and I haven’t been able to get over it..."

"I turned to drugs to numb my pain. I would like to turn to God to help me but I just don’t know how. If you... More

Jesus hugged me…

7/6/2012 in Category

The following excerpt is from a letter written by a student after returning home from our short-term mission trip.


Hey Bob,
I just wanted to send you a quick message to say thank... More

God Bless [You] America

7/4/2012 in Category

God Bless [You] America.

-from the staff at Youth for Christ

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