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I love it here!

6/29/2012 in Category

16 year-old Ryan is a young man who has found a place to belong at Campus Life. He's been coming every week for most of a year now. Repeatedly he’s said: “I love it here!”

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Dinner, dessert and bunko!

6/22/2012 in Category

Last Thursday we held the Teen Mom meeting at the Magdalene Home (a special place in Medford for homeless young mothers). Bringing with us dinner, dessert and a game of bunko!

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I must confess…

6/15/2012 in Category

Kids need what? I've learned they don’t need constant lectures of “how-to” advice.

Recently this became evident for me with a student at Campus Life. This kid was very difficult to be... More

Her life doesn’t always reflect it…

6/8/2012 in Category

Julie says she follows Jesus. However, her life doesn't always reflect it...

I've known her for a few years now and the lack of fatherly love is obvious in her life. She’s desperately... More

A mother of four stood up, wiped away the tears and said…

6/1/2012 in Category

A mother of four stood up, wiped away the tears and said... "The HATS mentoring program was here when I had nothing else. Mentors have reshaped my kids lives… Especially my boys!"

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