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“second family”

2/24/2012 in Category

Every Friday night after Club we gather to debrief with volunteers and student leaders. We take additional time to pray for all the kids. A couple weeks ago, one student leader asked if we... More

16 weeks pregnant

2/17/2012 in Category

A teen mom contacted me the other day… “I’m 16 weeks pregnant. Again!” This is her third child. I wondered as she cried, what will she do with this baby. She shared with me her struggles... More

Hope for a Miracle

2/10/2012 in Category

No kidding, when I first met him he was one of the worst behaved kids I ever met! He had a complete lack of respect for all authority. Actually, I invited his friend to Club and he decided... More

kids doing drugs

2/3/2012 in Category

More and more of our society is condoning... even participating in wrong behavior. Sadly, our youth are being seriously impacted by this. At Campus Life, we are constantly having to deal... More