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Finding a Mentor

1/27/2012 in Category

A 5th grade teacher called me with concerns about Nancy. She didn't have a lot of support, “Her mom is trying,” he said. When I showed up, she was meeting with a school cop. At first, what... More

young lives cut short…

1/20/2012 in Category

I first met Jimmy about 8 years ago when he was just 12. The Juvenile Detention system is a tough place for kids, especially the first time in. And for Jimmy it was the first of many... More

a lovely season

1/13/2012 in Category

Christmas is over... And doesn’t summer seem so far off? Personally, I think it’s nice. It's a great time of the year to really get to know each kid. I've noticed they are more likely to... More

every one

1/6/2012 in Category

Youth for Christ’s vision as part of the Body of Christ is to see every young person have the opportunity to decide to be a follower of Jesus Christ and plug into a local church. It’s... More