Archives: December 2011

“Our Youth Center”

12/30/2011 in Category

Unfortunately, during the holiday’s, someone broke into our Youth Center … No physical damage was done, but the effect it had on the kids was something to witness. Before the incident the... More

Family Traditions

12/23/2011 in Category

Do you have family Christmas traditions? Unfortunately for a lot of families, Christmas is a very difficult time of the year. I've lost count of the number of kids who will be spending at... More

Opened Doors

12/16/2011 in Category

Reaching kids wherever they are and ministering to their specific needs with the love of Jesus is what Youth for Christ is all about. And sometimes this is accomplished when connection with... More

following Jesus

12/9/2011 in Category

Some kids ride the fence for a long, long time. I remember my very first day at club. Ricky and I hit it off and he made me feel right at home. As I got to know Ricky I saw he was... More

he’s “ok”

12/2/2011 in Category

Sam needs your prayers. In the last two years he’s left high school and started home schooling because he was bullied so bad and getting into fights everyday. To add to the pain…  his... More