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overwhelmed with joy

11/25/2011 in Category

We met six months ago when his foster mom first called to find him a mentor. About a month ago I checked in to see how Max was doing. We were still looking for a mentor. Max was... More

Life’s a Journey

11/18/2011 in Category

For her it began with parents who were not safe due to drugs & alcohol. After they split her mom remarried and then came the sexual abuse by her step-father and the introduction to drugs by... More

Do You Qualify?

11/11/2011 in Category

One volunteer has been coined the Campus Life Mom. She’s been volunteering for years and is vital to our ministry. Kids love her. They love that she serves them lunch twice a week and... More

“No… I’m Sorry.”

11/4/2011 in Category

"No... I'm Sorry." Have you ever had to say these words to someone you know who's hurting and asking for help? Clem O'Hara, our HATS Mentoring Director, faces this on a weekly... More