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2011 Numbers

8/26/2011 in Category

Youth ministry is never something you can thoroughly describe with numbers and statistics. Connecting with kids, building relationships and bringing influence into their lives is too... More

hanging out

8/19/2011 in Category

Recently I had the privilege of taking a group of leadership kids on a camping trip. It was a great time for the students to have fun and share how Jesus has impacted their lives. Shelly is... More

connecting with kids

8/12/2011 in Category

Have you ever wondered what the call of God on a kid’s life really looks like? At the Youth Center last week a young girl came in and her first question was, “What are we gonna sing for... More

generosity and kindness

8/5/2011 in Category

I started hanging out with John about a year ago. It wasn't too long until he began helping at club as a student leader. He usually shows up pretty early and one day I asked him if he would... More