Amazing Opportunity: CAMP

Posted on by Martin Corder

Summer Camp is an amazing opportunity to reach young people with the hope of Jesus!

Camp creates a space where young people can really hear from God. It takes them out of their normal and usually dysfunctional lives with lots of electronic distraction and it immerses them in a week of worship and fun focused on our creator. In short, Camp is an amazing opportunity for the youth. Connor is a sophomore and comes form a strong but atheistic family. He’s been coming to Campus Life for about a year now and I was really praying that camp would provide the opportunity for God to really speak into his life.  We were hanging out, talking about the highlights of the day, when I asked Connor, “What’s holding you back from giving your life to Jesus?” “I don’t know,” Connor said. That night, after the Gospel message was shared, Connor made the decision to follow Jesus! For Connor, living with a family who doesn’t know Jesus was holding him back. Through months of relationship building at the Campus Life Youth Center, hearing about the Lord at Camp, and the power of the Gospel; Connor now has eternal life.

Many of you have seized the opportunity to partner with Rogue Valley YFC. Through that decision, you make it possible for us to share the hope of Jesus with hundreds of young people in our valley. Through this, we are seeing young people like Connor, seize the opportunity to leave a life of hopelessness to gain eternal life in Jesus Christ.  Thank you!

Eagle Point Area Director
office: 541.779.3275

"Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young." Psalm 71:5 ICB

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