A trip up the mountain

Posted on by Martin Corder

A year ago I hiked a mountain with a group of 8 students and leaders from our Gardening Club. Much to my horror as a new YFC director, I experience my first (and hopefully only) emergency on that hike. A 14-year-old boy fell and broke his leg. This same boy is at camp with us this week, yes his parents still leave him in my care.  He is thriving as a Campus Life kid and I am so proud of the person he is becoming. He wrote an essay last week on what he loves about Campus Life and he recalled that same hike. Instead of stating the obvious that the trip put him in a wheelchair for a summer, wishing he’d never gone.  Instead he shared how a leader walked with him and encouraged him the whole way up the mountain. The hike changed everything.  What could have been the worst experience of his life became the best when someone walked with him and let him know he matters.

Missy Masterjohnn    North Medford Area Director    541.779.3275    missy@roguevalleyyfc.org
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