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Posted on by Martin Corder

The first time I went to Campus Life was in 6th grade. I was leaving school when I was stopped by this bald man with a ginger beard.

He introduced himself as Isaiah and asked me if I wanted to come hang out at Campus Life. I remember thinking it was a little sketchy, but I trusted him and started going every week and made a lot of friends. During my freshman year, I was sad when Isaiah left Campus Life. I started to distance myself from the Youth Center. Track and Cross-Country practice made me tired, so I’d go home rather than go to Campus Life. But Bob Stapp, the new director, tracked me down and asked me about coming back. I finally decide to visit and see how everyone was doing. I walked in and a lot had changed. There were mostly new kids and I remember being annoyed because I no longer was in any of the photos hanging on the wall. Then I realize it was because I left and missed out on many adventures. After reintroducing myself, I decided to do my best to stay involved. I became a Student Leader, then Volunteer Staff and now at 20 I’m still going to Campus Life as the Interim Director while we look for a new Area Director.

I grew up hearing the Gospel at home and church but what I gained from Campus Life was being with people, sharing experiences, and seeing how God worked in the lives of other kids. They could be themselves without fear of being ‘outed’ because everyone else was open as well. That’s something you don’t see much nowadays and I’m happy Isaiah and Bob created that kind of environment for me and other students. Thank you for supporting this ministry and providing a place that has changed my life.

Phoenix - Talent Interim Area Director
office: 541.779.3275


"Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young." Psalm 71:5 ICB

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