A New Kid In A Week!

Posted on by Martin Corder

A book was recently recommended to me called “Have a New Teenager by Friday.” 

I at first scoffed at the idea of all the hard work that goes into raising a good kid being reduced to a catchy book title that claims you can have a new teen in less than a week. But as I have thought about that title more, I started to realize how often I see this actually happen in my position as the Grants Pass Area Director. Every year, I take a bunch of teens to camp. I take kids who are in places like teen shelters, broken homes, and abusive situations. I take them with me to a completely foreign situation in the woods where we teach them about Jesus' love for them in 5 action-packed days. Year after year I've seen God work in the lives of those teens. Year after year, their families and I end up with new kids by Friday. Jesus truly transforms kid's lives at camp.

I am excited right now is the start of camp season. I can’t wait to see what God does this year. Please be praying for me, these kids, and the many volunteers who have taken a week off of work to be Jesus to young people. Please pray there really would be new teenagers by Friday.

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