#MyStory: Give Life To Your Story... a Life Change Story

Blessed by Psalm 71:5

8/23/2018 in Category

Recently we’ve had to do a lot of thinking about the age of the young people we reach.

It’s caused me to think of my own children who are maturing into young adults, building their lives... More

New [Scared] Teen Mom

8/16/2018 in Category

We first met Shaylynn almost two years ago. At the time she was 17, a new mom, and had just transferred to a new high school.

Here's a small piece of Shaylynn's story with Parent... More

What’s RIDE 35?

8/9/2018 in Category

Every week I hear story after story of kids who are in tough places, have lost hope, are desperately seeking peace and an authentic person to care about them.

"My mother is abusive towards... More

Different because…

8/2/2018 in Category

“Are you dipping a toe into the pool of Faith or are you all in, and giving Jesus everything?”

At the Juvenile Detention Center, this is a question I often ask kids who are beginning the... More

fun-meter bursts

7/26/2018 in Category

Amazing things take place when you gather eighty kids together for Summer Camp.

The fun-meter bursts, the food is what you always like (especially this year, thank you Rosie!) and our time... More