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connecting with kids

8/12/2011 in Category

Have you ever wondered what the call of God on a kid’s life really looks like? At the Youth Center last week a young girl came in and her first question was, “What are we gonna sing for... More

generosity and kindness

8/5/2011 in Category

I started hanging out with John about a year ago. It wasn't too long until he began helping at club as a student leader. He usually shows up pretty early and one day I asked him if he would... More

stuck in a rut

7/29/2011 in Category

I got a call last week from a girl who had been in the Teen Mom mentoring program. She had moved away but was back for a visit. She's discouraged ... "stuck in a rut" at 18 with 2 kids.... More


7/22/2011 in Category

Sean is a very talented singer. He was also a kid that had been abandoned by his dad and step-dad. He was hungry for attention.  I began mentoring him. As we spent time together he grew... More