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the cause

10/21/2011 in Category

At Youth for Christ we have a “cause”. Do you know what it is? It’s helping young people see the person of Jesus Christ! We cannot just tell kids about Jesus... they need to see Him. Today... More

an enthusiastic: YES!

10/14/2011 in Category

Joey came up to me and said, "This might be a silly question but how do I give my life to Jesus?" I quickly stopped what I was doing and sat down to talk with him. After sharing the Gospel... More

lost, alone and scared…

10/7/2011 in Category

It’s all around us: lost jobs, foreclosures, sudden illnesses or a loss of a loved one. It's my belief that God anchors us down and gives us hope for the future. But what about those who... More

she’s neglected

9/30/2011 in Category

An 8th grader named Beth cracked a tooth last year. I know this because she told me one day while sitting with her at lunch. I could tell she was in a lot of pain. However, Beth did not go... More

friend request

9/16/2011 in Category

I received a friend request on Facebook from a previous HATS Mentoring Student. She wrote: I was thinking of you today; glad to find you're on Facebook! When I think about this young woman... More