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“Do I know you?”

3/15/2018 in Category

Obviously homeless with his ragged clothes, unkempt beard, and a hospital blanket draped over his shoulders to ward off the cold morning air, he asked; “Do you know what time it is?”

Then... More

Worry go away

3/8/2018 in Category

“The only thing that keeps me going is hanging out at Club.”

This 13-year-old girl shared with me that her dad recently had to stay in the hospital for a few days. He is the sole provider... More

Asking God to Intervene

3/1/2018 in Category

“Sorry to bother you. Please call me, its an emergency.” This is the text I received from Rachel as I was boarding an airplane. . .

I quickly called her, only to learn the emergency... More

the trust door

2/22/2018 in Category

In the wake of tragedy comes change. . .

Recently we were talking at club about the Florida school shooting tragedy and the emotional impact on the lives of the kids. I see many of them do... More

Shipwrecks, Snakebites, and the Power of God!

2/15/2018 in Category

Is it hard for you to imagine a 12-year-old boy stabbing someone?

Would it help if you knew that his spirit was wounded and there was no warmth in his eyes? What if he was in a gang with... More