17-years and lost lost all hope

Posted on by Martin Corder

“Change usually comes hard and at a high price.” I wrote these words and within an hour found myself quoting them to a girl who is working her way thru drug & alcohol treatment.

At just 17, "Cali" has seen more than her share of pain. When she first came to detention several months ago, her hope had long ago been replaced with tears… lots of tears. It grieves me to say that her story is not that unusual for the Juvenile Justice Ministry team. Parental addiction, abandonment and extreme instability have shaped so many kid's lives.

While in detention, Cali began bonding with the Lord and with my wife and me. She’s been calling regularly and the growth in her is obvious, but Cali faces another hard challenge, her Grandpa is in the hospital while she is far away. This time, with support, prayer & God’s help Cali is learning to stand strong thru this trial. Growth & change at a high price.

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