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Showing Kindness…

6/21/2017 in Category

I met Shay a few months ago at one of our group gatherings. She was there with her boyfriend and their son Carter. 

A couple months went by and I missed seeing Shay at Parent Life. But... More

seeing God thru your story

6/15/2017 in Category

David’s home life is pretty decent, his mom and dad are together, but he’s often left alone to make his own decisions.

He’s 15, and like so many other boys his age, he’s trying to figure... More

mending broken hearts

6/8/2017 in Category

Years ago the Bee Gees sang a haunting question: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?

Chris has been in detention, her broken heart in plain view for caring eyes to see. Rather than hide, she... More

a question for the last club

6/1/2017 in Category

As a volunteer for the last three years at the North Medford Youth Center, I have seen the beautiful community that kids can develop at Campus Life.

As a Life Coach for a local homeless... More

Between Tacos and Sneezing

5/25/2017 in Category

I asked a kid, “Want to go grab some tacos?” He responded, “Yes... I’m starving!”

It doesn’t sound like a big deal to take a kid out for tacos, right? At dinner, he ate tacos, sneezed, ate... More