YFC Mentors Assistant

"God always allows us to feel the frailty of human love so we"ll appreciate the strength of His" - C.S Lewis.

One of Paige's favorite quotes. Oftentimes we look to people as our reference point of who God is. Sometimes our examples are good, sometimes their bad. But what we can always count on is that God is good. Why is He good? Because He sent Jesus to this world to die on a cross, embrace the depravity of human brokenness so that we could be saved. What we have the honor of doing as His children is mirroring Christ to those around us. Paige has a heart for all ages, but most of all a heart to simply know Jesus, and make Him known. Paige has heard, and seen many stories filled with brokenness but has been able to witness the redemption of the Gospel turn these messes into a message. Her own life was broken, until she came to know Jesus when she was 20 years old. As a younger person, she understands how kids, and young adults need hope, encouragement, and truth at the earliest age possible. She is excited to see Jesus radically transform the people she will interact with here at Youth for Christ. 

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